Bulletproof Coffee

January 21, 2017

Nothing works better than a cup of coffee to kick start your morning. Lattes and Americanos are great but nothing comes close to a Bulletproof Coffee.


What is a bulletproof coffee?

The name explains it all. But to sum it up; it's a creamy, fast source of fuel filled with caffeine and healthy fats. Enhancing powerful mental focus, cognitive thinking and extreme energy. Too good to be true? If only it was. This drink is fast and easy to make. No sugar added - trust me, none is needed. 


Simple ingredients to make this cup of heaven - you'll never look at coffee the same way again.

Bulletproof Coffee




1 cup of fresh brewed coffee, cooled

1 TBS Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

1 TBS canned coconut milk

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder


Add all ingredients in a blender or a Nutri-bullet.

Blend for 10 seconds

Pour immediately into a cup and sprinkle extra cinnamon on top.

Drink on & seize the day!




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