1-4 Meals


Chicken & Mash

Savory chicken thigh over creamy rosemary mashed potatoes & collard greens


ingredients: potatoes, chicken breast, collards, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt, coconut milk (coconut milk, water, guar gum), red wine vinegar, olive oil, chives, garlic, liquid amino acids (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), ghee clarified butter, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, chili powder, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes


Regular -     Calories: 390  Protein: 36 grams  Carbs: 29 grams  Fats: 15 grams 

Large -     Calories: 470  Protein: 42 grams  Carbs: 40 grams  Fats: 15 grams 


Korean Beef & Rice

Bibimbap inspired sweet and savory ground beef, brown rice, & bean sprouts


ingredients: brown rice, beef, ground, 85% lean meat / 15% fat, crumbles, cooked, pan-browned, bean sprouts, cabbage, liquid amino acids (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), sesame oil, honey, rice vinegar (water, rice), spinach, green onions, garlic, sea salt, onions (onions, olive oil), sesame seeds, olive oil, black pepper, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, ground ginger, paprika


Regular -     Calories: 420  Protein: 31 grams  Carbs: 31 grams  Fats: 19 grams 

Large -     Calories: 500  Protein: 37 grams  Carbs: 37 grams  Fats: 23 grams


Chicken Burrito Bowl

Grilled chicken burrito bowl with rice, beans, and bell peppers


ingredients: chicken thigh, black beans, rice, bell peppers, red wine vinegar, avocado oil, onions (onions, olive oil), sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, cilantro, cayenne pepper


Regular -     Calories: 420  Protein: 33 grams  Carbs: 35 grams  Fats: 16 grams 

Large -     Calories: 500  Protein: 41 grams  Carbs: 42 grams  Fats: 18 grams


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