5-9 Meals



2 Puttanesca Chicken

2 Peri Peri Chicken

1 Mediterranean Meatballs



3 Puttanesca Chicken

3 Peri Peri Chicken

2 Mediterranean Meatballs

5-9 Meals
  • Pickup Policy

    • It is your responsibility to pick up your meals during our pickup window of Sunday 9:00AM-2:00PM and Monday 8:00AM-12:30PM
    • Please authorize us to release your meals via email or text if someone else will be picking up for you
    • NO REFUNDS for orders after Thursday 11am

    7 Chicken, 5 Turkey, 3 Beef OR 7 Chicken, 5 DV Turkey, 3 Beef

    **Additional charges will apply on Premium Dish**

    Substitute carbs for our Double Veggie dish at no additional cost 

  • Pickup Process

    Our process for pickups includes a verification from two staff members and pictures of each order.  Please verify that your order is correct prior to leaving our facility. 


    Please call or text 510-320-2203 10-15 mins prior to arrival in order to expedite the pickup process.  Our meals are made to order and WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS if you do not pick up at the pickup time you selected.


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