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Cumin chicken 


Flavorful chicken served with rice and slaw


Ground chicken, jasmine rice, red cabbage, lime juice sea salt, black pepper, cilantro, olive oil, cumin, honey, red bell peppers, carrots, green onion, cilantro, honey, garlic, paprika

Garlic Lime Chicken & Quiona 

Deliciously marinated garlic chicken with herb and lime quinoa and broccoli 


Ingredients: quinoa, chicken breast, broccoli, olive oil. Parsley, sea salt, garlic, scallions, onion powder, cilantro, black pepper, mint, lime 

Beef ragu 

Rich and savory ground beef beef with whole wheat pasta and fresh spinach


Ingredients: ground beef, whole wheat pasta, spinach, crushed tomato, tomato paste, onion, celery, carrots, garlic, red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, sea salt, black pepper, parsley, parmesan cheese


Contains: milk, wheat

Moroccan lentils 

A vegan friendly and customer favorite! Slow cooked lentils in aromatic flavors & herbs with roasted carrots and green onions. 


Ingredients: Green lentils, carrots, tomato puree, carrots, onions, green onions, curry powder, turmeric, paprika, cumin, garlic,  canola oil, vegetable bouillon, basil, rosemary, spinach, salt and black pepper

Prepared on 09/29/2020

Ingredients are subject to changes based on availability and freshness

Photos are for illustration purposes. Actual product may vary

We do not modify or substitute ingredients in our dishes.

Some ingredients may be subject to change based on availability and freshness.

   No additional charges for all substitutions

   5 meals includes: 2 Cumin Chicken, 2 Garlic Lime, 1 Beef Ragu

   10 meals includes: 4 Cumin Chicken, 4 Garlic Lime, 2 Beef Ragu

  15 meals includes: 6 Cumin Chicken, 6 Garlic Lime, 3 Beef Ragu

 20 meals includes: 8 Cumin Chicken, 8 Garlic Lime, 4 Beef Ragu




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